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The box3d Industrial is a robost solution for stable, safe and silent 3D printing. The standard version consists of 3 idential isloated build chambers, capable of safely storing three 3d printers.

The thermal insolation with temperature controller reduces the warping.

The toxic fumes are extracted outside your working area with an industrial air duct.

Glazing and perfect sealing provide you with a silent and comfortable work area.

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box3d Industrial is a robust solution for professional 3D printing. It can be used on a standard desktop 3D printers which are available on the market. The up-time of the printer is increased by reducing warping. This is done by controlling the print environment of the 3D printer in the box. The surrounded air temperature is increased in order to decrease the total temperature difference when printing. Deformation due to cooling of the plastic will occur later in time when the product is more in its final shape. In this situation the object is more robust against this deformation. This effect is especially usefull when printing with high performance materials like ABS.



Filament Spool Holder

box3D modular design makes it possible to position the filament where suits your needs. With our modulair spool bearing system box3D support up to 5kg spools internal or external with our filament spool stand.


Planning to expand your 3D printer farm? Look no further, the box3d 600 are fully stackable in height, but also in width.

Temperature control

box3d controls the ambient temperature by extracting hot air. This enables you to find the optimal building temperature for the best printing results possible.

Noise insulation

box3d is equipped with enclosed build chambers with clear see trough acrylic panels, which provides thermal and noise insulation. This results in less disturbing noises from your desktop 3D printer.

Gas extraction

box3d extracts gases from your 3D printer. The gases are led outside your working area through an industrial air duct, which provides comfortable 3D printing on your own desk.

Power- and USB throughput

box3d has a practical power- and usb troughputs, allowing 3D printers to be connected to your computer or printerserver while inside box3d.

Additional information

Weight 24 kg
Dimensions 600 × 600 × 750 mm


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