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Avoid warping. Create your own custom temperature controlled 3D printer enclosure with the box3d Electronics Pack. This package contains a PCB board with an LCD screen and buttons to control the board, temperature sensors, a fan that can easily be connected to the board and optional carbon and HEPA filters. The only thing you need to make is the enclosure itself.

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Why do you need the Electronics pack.

Do you experience warping, but your printer does not fit our box3d 500? Or do you just like making your own enclosure that exactly fits your specific needs? Than you need this Electronic packs. It contains:

  1. PCB with mounting screws
  2. Temperature Sensor
  3. Fan
  4. Instructions

This is basically everything you need to create a personal 3D printer enclosure with temperature control.

We modified the famous Prusa IKEA lack table printer enclosure to fit this kit. You can download the files on thingyverse. The manual contains the instructions for this enclosure example. Off course you are free to build any other enclosure you like.

The Electronics pack can be upgraded with personal features by using the free ports of the board. Examples are additional lighting, sensors or heaters. It can be anything you like. The firmware is open source available here.

Clean the dangerous pollution and unpleasant smell from the desktop 3D printer with the optional box3d Toxic Fumes Filter Pack.

Share your work.

We would be honored to see your beautiful enclosures. Other makers could also benefit from your work. So when finished, please share a picture of your design on our Facebook, ¬†Instagram or Thingyverse and contribute to better 3D printing. Let’s make 3D printing Stable, Safe and Silent.

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Dimensions 490 × 120 × 60 mm


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