3D Lac

3D Lac


3DLAC fixing spray is the ideal solution for elemination warping at the first layers. The 3D lac provides a firm and durable adhesion of the filament to the printbed. This eleminates the warping of the object at the buildplate. The adhesice force depends on the heated bed temperature used.

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How to use 3D-lac:

Spray the 3DLAC spray on the build plate of your 3D printer at a distance of 20 cm from the base. While the temperature of the heated bed is high, the piece will remain adhered to the buildplate. Once the 3D print is finished, wait until the heated bed temperature is below 30ºC. The adhesive capacity will reduce and the object can be removed from the printer without using special tools. You will have no warping and easy removal of the finished objects.



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